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Genesen: besserer Schutz als 2 Impfdosen - nützt der hybride booster doch?

Eine sehr große französische Studie legt dies nahe:

"Against the Omicron variant, our findings are in favour of a greater or equal protection of natural immunity in the first six months following prior infection compared to a vaccine primary course, but of a lower protection compared to a vaccine primary course followed by a recent booster dose. Our work also suggests that hybrid immunity combining a recent booster dose and a past infection confers the highest level of protection."


Eurosurveillance | Vaccine-induced and naturally-acquired protection against Omicron and Delta symptomatic infection and severe COVID-19 outcomes, France, December 2021 to January 2022

We assessed the protection conferred by naturally-acquired, vaccine-induced and hybrid immunity during the concomitant Omicron and Delta epidemic waves in France on symptomatic infection and severe COVID-19. The greatest levels of protection against both variants were provided by hybrid immunity. Protection against Omicron symptomatic infections was systematically lower and waned at higher speed than against Delta in those vaccinated. In contrast, there were little differences in variant-specific protection against severe inpatient outcomes in symptomatic individuals.
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